Out With The Old...

With fall in full force and summer an almost distant memory, I decided it was high time for a new, clean blog layout. As much as I love fun pastels, there's just nothing quite as resonate as an all black look. What do you think?

And to all my blogger friends out there, how often do you switch things up?


Review | Bumble and Bumble Hairdresser’s Invisible Oil

Now it’s not often that I post about hair products, mostly because I can’t be bothered to stray from what I like. But when the opportunity arose for me to buy the Hairdresser’s Invisible Oil a bit cheaper in the States, well, I just had to.


Blogging While Having A Full Time Job

I’ve recently started a new job. And while this is ridiculously exciting and I’m so happy to be beginning a new chapter of life, it kind of makes me wonder where blogging fits into all this. Before this even when I wasn’t working full time, I was working part time and going to school full time. What I’m trying to say is that time hasn’t always been something I've had a whole lot of. 

I know a lot of us read a lot of blogs and a good chunk of them are full time bloggers. This kind of instills this need to constantly be creating and blogging and posting and while that’s a beautiful idea, it’s just not a reality for me. I though I would write a post with a few of the tips that helped me with my blog over this past year and a half.


The Repurchases | Drugstore Edition

I though I would put a bit of a spotlight on the items at the drugstore that I’m constantly going back to. Whenever I feel like quickly changing something up without worrying too much about the price tag, the drugstore is my first stop. Here are a few of the gems that I’ve found.


Revlon | Three Favourites

Revlon is definitely my favourite drugstore brand, without a doubt. I know that at any time I can walk into a drugstore and actually be able to find a shade of foundation or lipstick that actually works for me, which is pretty crazy. So here are my three favourite products from Revlon.